“Film Festival as a Business: An Intro”

There are only two ways to run a film festival, the right way and wrong way. Hopefully my posts will help you run your film festival the right way.  Before we dive into the right and wrong ways of running a festival…lets take this post to examine why Film Festival make good business.

There are many perks to film festivals. Many film festivals are considered “destination” events. For example, patrons will travel to New York City to attend the Winter Film Awards, the Socially Relevant Film Festival, and more. Patrons spend money on hotels, restaurants, and more while in town. 

Film festivals contribute to the creative economy and the overall economic being of the cities their in by: Paying for Screening Rentals, Event Rentals, Printers, Catering, and so much more! Lastly, Film Festivals are employers. Film Festival employees may include Festival Directors, Festival Programmers, Development Personnel, and others. Regardless of what one might think, film festivals continue to have an economic impact. Just think if there were none…all 4,000+ (and growing) gone!

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