Event Recap: WeDC: Futures Forum

A Modern Renaissance in the District: Next Generation of Creatives – There is a modern renaissance taking place in the District at the intersection of historically vibrant communities and the next generation of creatives; across art, music, entertainment and more. Panelists will discuss the current state of the city’s creative economy, and how we can continue to take an inclusive and sustainable approach to expand opportunities for entrepreneurs and facilitate connections within our communities.

Defining A Global City, Beyond the Monuments – The District is known to attract a wide variety of local and national audiences, engaging in a variety of ways, from politics, to business, and tourism. As the District continues to define itself, the city’s diverse and inclusive culture has continued to reinvent itself through food, art, theater, community and more. Find out how DC strives to be the “Capital of Inclusive Innovation” by defining what it means to be a global city by looking beyond the monuments.

Bottom Line Results: Building an Inclusive Culture in the Workplace – Creating and maintaining an inclusive culture allows for a diverse and talented workforce to engage in a variety of ways to support strong values, growth and ideation. The foundation of any successful business is creating an environment that allows for the acceptance and development of perspectives and views that allows employees to feel appreciated and comfortable sharing their true, authentic self. Find out how to build an inclusive culture and learn how to go beyond company policies to enhance your business and support your bottom line.

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