Event Recap: Podcasting Q&A

ABOUT PODCASTING Q&A, KNOWING AUDIO EQUIPMENT: Revisiting Podcasts, Knowing Audio Equipment, and Auditioning Your VOG Talents! Want to find out more about the latest in podcasting and how it might be a greatest opportunity for you? Come out to Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center on October 24 to hear about the rise in narrative-storytelling in podcast form, as well as opportunities available to you (and some of the gear required). Explore the booming interest and likely content delivery of podcasts. Is this a path to boost your brand? What makes a podcast successful? What equipment and set-up is required? How do you build an audience? Chuck Levin’s will present what audio equipment people are looking for to do podcasts as well the best choices for standard field camera shoots, creative filmmaking, and conducting interviews. What are good solutions to common EQ, frequency, and failure issues?

ABOUT TIVA: The Television, Internet and Video Association of DC (TIVA-DC), a local not-for-profit (501(c)(3)) organization was formed to serve the needs of the growing greater DC production community, including Maryland and Virginia. Focused on the burgeoning local market, TIVA offers an entrée into a world of career opportunities, new-industry technology seminars, educational outreach, mentoring and award ceremonies.

OUR REVIEW: This comprehensive panel was a great resource to learn more about how affordable it is to take up Podcasting and create your own podcast.  It was great to hear about how affordable the gear costs and the options available.  Podcasting is become more and more an avenue to provide content on a wide range of subject matter.


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