Funding Tip: Why be a Grant Panelist?

Arts-clip-artFirst and foremost, being a grant panelist will demystify the whole granting process. It will provide you with a back end look into how the grant reviewing process works. A sort of behind the curtain look into the world of grant review.

Second, being on a grant panel provides you with an insight on how other panelists look at and score grant applications. You can hear their feedback and their points as they relate to the application and the organization. Each grant panelist may bring up points that you had not even considered. Grant panelists bring in their own expertise into the conversation.

Third, being on a grant panel provides you with insights on how different artistic disciplines are seen, scored, and are treated. All panelists bring some baggage, but how much? Well…..being on the panel you’ll know. You can see if one artistic discipline is treated better than another. Perhaps writing to that Funder whose grant panel you are sitting on may not work out because they are more interested in another discipline than than the one you are providing?

Fourth, being on a grant panel gives you an opportunity to be introduced to fellow panelists and the organizations they represent. They may even be organizations you never knew existed! These panelist and the organizations they represent may offer opportunities to support, volunteer with or even collaborate with. Either way, the amount of information you can receive at a panel convening can be so valuable. Serving on a panel is well worth the time and energy!

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Principle and Founder, Promethean Fundraising is a small grassroots consulting firm that provides the assistance, the tools, and empowers emerging non-profits to become competitive fund raisers.
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