The Cherry Fund

Website: The Cherry Fund

The Cherry Fund, established in 1996, and located in Washington, DC, is a not-for-profit independent, all-volunteer organization that serves as a spark to ignite the dance music community for a greater good. The Cherry Fund actively raises funds to support the HIV/AIDS service and prevention community via charity dance events. Over the years, CHERRY has collaborated with the biggest, most progressive names in dance music, to host some of the largest parties in the mid-Atlantic.

Work Performed:
* Post write ups and edits for organizational and signature event websites
* Draft site promotions, email newsletters, and online outreach campaigns
* Create, develop, and manage content for organizational and signature event websites
* Ensure websites are designed/deployed in a manner that is accessible/user-friendly
* Assure websites security + updates

Sites Maintained: /

Overall Accomplishments
Website: Reformatted Talent Profiles to increase web traffic
Website: Reformatted Media Section to increase web traffic

Partners: Analyzed audience data to determine 3 largest markets and then centralize community partnership program to promote in those key markets to increase ticket sales
Funding: Increased government funding where none previously existed
Campaigns: Created first “Testing for Tickets” Campaign to promote more HIV/AIDS Testing
Campaigns: Created The Cherry Fund’s first Safe Sex / Mental Health Social Media Campaign to increase HIV/AIDS Testing as well as promoted Mental Health Resources


Partnership Chair (2014-2017)
Word Performed:
* Created partnerships to increase attendance, ticket sales, and participation (volunteers)
* Created partnerships to increase reach in multiple media markets
* Created partnerships for various purposes including events and cultural programs
* Created partnerships for both Non-Profits Organizations and For Profit Businesses


Onsite Box Office Manager (2018)
Word Performed:
* Managed high volume registrations efficiently
* Handled all ticketing issues with tact and professionalism

* Managed Ticket Pickup Events
* Managed box office volunteers
* Worked with venues to ensure Smith registration and patron entrances

Board Chairman (2005-2011)
Word Performed:
* Develop organizational goals and objectives consistent with the mission
* Oversee all programs, services, and activities to ensure that program objectives are met
* Develop recommend, and monitor annual and other budgets
* Submit monthly financial statements to the Board of Directors
* Prepare and submit grant applications and funding proposals as appropriate
* Provide for adequate supervision and evaluation of all staff and volunteers
* Serve as chief liaison with press and media outlets

Volunteer Coordinator (2002-2004)
Word Performed:
* Developed volunteer recruitment and retention plans
* Identified and implemented new methods to attract more volunteers
* Coordinated and run volunteer orientation meetings
* Created and manage complete volunteer schedule
* Motivated and evaluated the performance of volunteers for all events
* Plan and execute annual volunteer recognition events