DC might as well as be the coffee capital of the country. With the ever growing number of coffee shops including new chains, coffee has become a mainstay. DC has quite a selection of indie coffee shops such as Coffee Bar as well as the introduction of new chains such as Joe & the Juice. Of course, at one point coffee shops were about coffee…that is no longer the case! Coffee shops have become event spaces, social centers, work spaces, and more!

Caffeinenation will ascertain if a coffee shop is a good event space, a good place to meet, and a good place to get coffee! Each review is based on 5 criteria…atmosphere, staffing, as an event space, as an meeting space, and of course a library rating. Library rating? It is a rating of how crowded a coffee shop gets with those who occupy tables doing work that could be done at a library. So enjoy!  Check out our reviews on our Caffeination’s Facebook Page.