Membership Events

We will officially launch our membership program 1/1/2020! In the meantime, check out the following festivals in Baltimore and the surrounding area:

Make a Movie in a Month (August 2nd)
Montgomery International Film Festival (August 23rd-25th)
DC Southeast Asian Film Festival (September 20th-22nd)
Queen City Film Festival (October 3rd-6th)
Chesapeake Film Festival (October 3rd-10th)
Baltimore Int’l Black Film Festival (October 9th-14th)
72 Film Fest (October 11th-12th)
Baltimore Next Media Webfest (Oct 31st – Nov 3rd)
Wheaton Film Festival (November 8th)
Community Stories Festival (November 13th-17th)
Utopia Film Festival (November 16th – 18th)