Membership Information

The New York City Film Society promotes and supports local filmmakers and theaters, providing educational programs, and events, and creating transformative cinematic experiences for film enthusiasts in the 5 boroughs of New York City.

Our membership is meant to be more than just discounted tickets, but a social and shared experience. Simply put, our mission is to gather, discuss, and share the cinematic offerings in and around New York City. You can always check our Member Events Page for upcoming screenings and other opportunities.

* Discounts on tickets to partnered events and screenings.

* Complimentary admission to REEL Underground Film Festival.
* Invitations to Members-only free screenings.

We will officially launch our membership program 1/1/2020!  In the meantime, check out the following festivals in New York City and the Surrounding Boroughs:

New York City Area Film Festivals
Asian American International Film Festival (July 25th – August 3rd)
Big Apple Film Festival (August 27th – 29th)
Coney Island Film Festival (September 13th – 15th)
Urban World (September 18th – 22nd)
Animation Block Party (September 20th – 22nd)
New York Film Festival (September 27th – October 13th)
Architecture & Design Film Festival (October 16th – 20th)
The Chelsea Film Festival (October 17th – October 20th)
Margaret Mead Film Festival (October 17th – October 20th)
The Food Film Festival (October 24th – October 28th)
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (October 17th – October 27th)
Imagine Science Films (October 18th – October 25th)
Newfest (October 23rd – October 29th)
DOC NYC (November 6th – November 15th)
Other Israel Film Festival (November 14th – November 21st)
Equus Film Festival (December 5th – December 8th)
New York City Horror Fest (December 5th – December 8th)