Anacostia Playhouse

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The Anacostia Playhouse is a community oriented performing arts organization dedicated to making the production and consumption of theater more widely accessible in Ward 8. Founded in 2013 as a continuation of the H Street Playhouse, the Anacostia Playhouse takes great pride in its established history of providing accessible performing arts opportunities with a strong community focus to a historically under-served part of Washington, DC. Without an affordable space to rehearse and perform, our partners—many of whom are also our neighbors—would not be able to share their artistic expressions and resonant messages. In a similar vein, we are committed to keeping admission prices to our productions, classes, and workshops free or pay-what-you-can to remove as many financial obstacles to the production and consumption of theater (which can be so overwhelming here in Ward 8). Furthermore, we consider it to be likewise integral to our mission to support the local artistic economy by paying our employees and contractors a living wage. We at Anacostia Playhouse endeavor to build meaningful connections and provide affordable opportunities to engage with the performing arts for everyone East of the Anacostia River and beyond.

* Develop short and long-term fundraising plans to meet the needs of the organization
* Implement the organization’s fundraising and outreach strategies for all funders
* Execute grant proposals and other funding requests
* Plan and implement activities that build awareness of the organization to funders
* Maintain and expand a database of current and prospective donors
* Manage sponsor and donor benefits