Princeton Independent Film Festival

Website: Princeton Independent Film Festival

Princeton Independent Film Festival [PRINDIE] brings international, independent cinema to one of the most intriguing communities of the world: Princeton, NJ. First and foremost, we are a festival dedicated to thought-provoking and engaging filmmaking and storytelling, no matter the subject. We seek filmmakers and films whose narratives tell a story that inspire our audience and capitalize on that inspiration by providing education and specific opportunities that help our audience make positive change.

Worked Performed:
* Develop short and long-term fundraising plans to meet the needs of the organization
* Implement the organization’s fundraising and outreach strategies for all funders
* Execute grant proposals and other funding requests
* Plan and implement activities that build awareness of the organization to funders
* Build and support board and committee participation in fundraising activities
* Maintain and expand a database of current and prospective donors
* Manage sponsor and donor benefits