SimpleLead LLC

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SimplyLead was started by two women of color who believe perpetual systemic inequities trap potential and mute expression. SimplyLead believes in a dynamic, co-designed, action driven approach that centers our common humanity in order to address these inequities. SimplyLead seeks to inform, educate and support organizations focused on creating anti-racist spaces and empowering marginalized communities. We work in particular to dismantle deep rooted inequities in educational institutions and equip organizations with the tools to address internal and societal inequities through training, equity audits, and comprehensive mission development. We believe in dynamic, action-driven change co-designed by those at the margins. SimplyLead centers our common humanity across all of our work, with the hope of creating a better future for everyone.

* Proactively research funding sources and prospects
* Build a robust grant pipeline and volume of solicitations
* Generate high quality proposals, narratives, applications, and supporting documents
* Responsibility for maintain grant timelines
* Preparation and timely submission of grant reports