About Our CEO

As a child of Hispanic immigrants, Paul lived in the inner cities of New York and Miami before moving to the suburbs of Long Island and then eventually to rural Upstate New York, where he graduated from Monticello High School.  Paul learned the value of hard work from his father and the importance of reading and value of education from his mother.  These values he would later bring with him as he sought his education at Ramapo College of New Jersey.

At Ramapo College, Paul received a Bachelor of Arts in Metropolitan Studies with a minor in Sociology and concentrations in Criminology and Substance Abuse. After college, Paul began his employment history at the 98th New York State Assembly District Office, where he helped district constituents with various issues.  Paul continued his interest in politics by moving to Washington, DC where he worked on and off Capitol Hill for several years.

Shortly after the 2000 elections, Paul began working full-time for a number of nonprofits and associations in the areas of development and event production. That same year, Paul started his own consulting firm, Promethean Fundraising, with the sole purpose of providing the experience, the tools, and empowering small and emerging nonprofits to become competitive fundraisers.

Paul is a Development Professional with over 26+ years experience bringing a wide range of knowledge to his work.  Twenty of those years took place in Washington, DC, one of the most challenging and competitive fundraising environments in the country.


I have the motivation and energy to learn and grown while always taking the extra step to get the job done right. I’m committed to giving 100% of my time and determined to see all tasks through to the end.   I’m both reliable and ethical and would never jeopardize the integrity of any employer or client I work for.  Lastly, I believe in being productive, efficient, and goal driven.