Logistics: Hospitality

* Staffed Politicians, Government Officials, and Political Candidates as needed
* Work with Foreign Dignitaries and Cultural Attaches on programming and events
* Work with a wide range of Artists, Speakers, Filmmakers, DJs, and Entertainers
* Coordinated travel and lodging for invited filmmakers, entertainers, etc.
* Coordinated foreign travel and lodging for governmental officials
* Set up and broken down welcome centers and hospitality rooms
* Ensure welcome centers/hospitality rooms were properly staffed

* Director of Development, GALA Hispanic Theater
* Director of Operations, DC Shorts Film Festival
* Intern, 22nd New York State Congressional Office
* Intern, Sullivan County Legislature
* District Liaison, 98th New York State Assembly Office
* Administrative Assistant, United States Department of Agriculture
* Chair, CHERRY, The Cherry Fund
* Volunteer Coordinator, National Dinner, Outserve