Logistics: Venue Selection

* Select and contract various local and regional venues
* Experience working with small and large venues
* Experience working with established and “build from the bottom up” venues
* Schedule venue walk through with all parties involved (Vendors, volunteers, etc.)
* Work with venue staff to ensure greater event success

* Multiple Event Sites, Chair, Smaller Branded PR Events, The Cherry Fund
* Multiple Event Sites, Co-Chair, White Attire Affair, Al Sura
* Multiple Event Sites, Co-Chair, DC Black Pride, BGLPD
* Multiple Event Sites, Event Chair, DC Independent Film Festival
* Multiple Event Sites, Development Chair, Sullivan County Habitat for Humanity

* Art Galleries / Longview Gallery, Pilgrim’s Gallery
* Concert venues / 930 Club
* Hotels / DoubleTree, Kimpton Hotels, Marriott, Mayflower
* Large Scale Venues / City Museum, Mellon Auditorium, Old Post Office Pavilion
* Parks / Dupont Circle, Rock Creek Park
* Restaurants / Lupe Catina, Rosemary Thyme, Scion
* Retail Outlets / Fresh of Georgetown, Rugby by Ralph Lauren, Total Party
* Theaters / Carnegie Institute, DC Jewish Community Center, Navy Memorial